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Safe & Reliable Cargo Services!

Managing Logistics For World’s Multinational Companies.

Air Freighting

At Splash Vault Logistics we understand the importance of providing a reliable and consistent international air freight service. We have the team and skills to deliver on time and  in the best of conditions

Sea Freighting

We at Splash Vault Logistics, we have developed our full range of sea freight forwarding services over so many years, and can organise the transportation and management of your sea freight through our international agents to almost any destination in the world. 


Splash Vault Logistics has its own close to 100 fleet made up of trailers, cargo vans, low beds, light body trucks and mobile crane.

We transport goods nationwide and in the west African sub-region.

Secure transportation

We get your business moving. Following order fulfillment, we transport and distribute your products to reach customers safely, on-time and in accordance with compliance standards. We work with reputable couriers and trucking services, and facilitate customer pick-ups. Trust us to expand your presence into new markets.

Guarding Services

We have an extensive network of security guarding professionals that can help support and protect our local communities and customers across the world. Our customers have the flexibility to select the right type of guard for your specific security and customer-service requirements.

Splash Vault Logistics also provides security systems and services, as well as risk management security services.

Vault & Secure Storage Facilities

At Splash Vault Logistics, we make storage convenient and completely secure. Think of our storage vaults as extensions of your storage space at work — fully accessible and reliable 24/7, for your utmost peace of mind:

Our facility is built with a covered loading dock for secure access and transport directly inside, which reduces handling and the risk of damage.


We offer professional relocation services to diplomats, local and international companies such as mining etc. Our trusted moving experts undertakes safe handling of your goods and properties to any destination national or international.

Our services are flexible and can be made suitable for almost all requirements at extremely competitive rates.

Custom Brokerage

We do same day delivery from customs, we handle all regimes of clearing including permit and pre-clearing based on client needs. In 2011 Splash Vault Logistics was adjudged the leading revenue regenerator for Customs.

Our hard work, good understanding of the terrain and the good relationship we have built with Customs over the years have earned us the rest respect of customs officials.


Splash Vault Logisticss has over 47000 square meters of covered warehouse and 80,000 square meters of open space warehouse with warehouse management system to warehouse your cargo as well as collateral management

Our warehouses are staffed with experienced and trained personnel for reliable service. Each is equipped with a modern facilities for fast and safe handling.